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The blind leading the blind

I was staring out the second floor windows of Prasad East ,waiting for my lunch, when I saw a visually impaired man trying to cross NE 12th and Couch.  Using his walking cane, he stepped out into oncoming traffic and a car swerved to miss him.  He then stepped back, grabbed his head, made fists with

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Hummingbird Lane

A path well beaten, yet nameless, so I began calling it ‘Hummingbird Lane’.  Now years later, friends and family have followed suit and it bares the name, yet no wooden sign (yet!), ‘Hummingbird Lane.’  She really named herself, or I just pointed out the obvious, this path is home to hummingbirds.  I tried to sound smart

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Epsom Salt Bath

If you’ve seen me for a treatment, I’ve undoubtedly told you to take an Epsom Salt bath following your treatment and up to 3 times weekly.  Why am I such an Epsom Salt bath enthusiast?  Well it’s simply because of the amazing healing/health benefits of Epsom Salts.  Learn more here.  I suggest 2-4 cups in

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