Breitenbush River, April 2017

I have always seen the light and good in people.
I’m committed to help others realize their full potential.  To do this, I help people overcome obstacles of physical, emotional and energetic pain/imbalances held in their body.

I’ve been gifted with vision.
I’ve not fully understood this gift, nor validated it for quite some time.  But I now understand it is unique and of great service to others.  I can see what physical and emotional patterns hold clients back from fully expressing and becoming who they are.  When a person can express, be truly seen and heard, they process and heal habitual stories and patterns stored in the body.  The body gives evidence to what is or isn’t working for a person.  Quite often the body holds on to limiting beliefs or memory patterns from childhood which prevent that person from being their full potential.  I see through the illusion and teach clients to move their bodies, to be still and listen to their bodies and all together, trust and validate their bodies. I encourage you to see the more expansive and truer story of Self and Self’s capabilities.

I create sacred space for you to heal YOU.
I sincerely request your truest, rawest self to show up and I serve as a reflection for you.  This is a new paradigm shift.  You come to see me but I don’t pretend to have all your answers…I believe you do!  When I meet your body, your body knows exactly what healing skills I have to offer and together we begin the healing dance.  My role is to create and hold sacred space for you to cultivate your healing potential.  I listen intensely to your body and act on the information given to me.  I commune with your Inner Physician and encourage you to take back your power and see that you can and will heal yourself.  Meeting the body with humility and honoring the mystery is how miracles transform.  I create sacred space and YOU heal.

I hold space for both science and Spirit in all my treatments.
It’s true, we have a physical body, which science can tell us a lot about.  It’s also true, we have a spiritutal body, which requires room for mystery and transcending the ego.  Yes, I consider myself a Craniosacral Therapist, though if I were asked to explain my work, I would say, “I unwind and align your body…balance and clear your energy…acknowledge and validate your spiritual path”.

I’m passionate about Spiritual, Energetic and Physical alignment.
It is my understanding and belief that when individuals are organized around their Vertical Axis (sushumna, kundalini, spine), we are open and connected to our Higher Selves and the Divine.  It is in this existence, that we experience expansion and freedom in our bodies.  I use my training and intuitive gifts to identify imbalances in the body, then energetically and manually, guide the body back into alignment.

Beyond this…

I’m a huge lover of hummingbirds. 
Hummingbird is my personal medicine and I connect with this medicine of joy and vibration on my daily walks.  I am married, have 2 children and live in Portland.  I love to dance and being playful.  I’d like to do yoga and meditation daily but admittedly, don’t.  I enjoy keeping a clean house and connecting with dear ones.  Those special moments I look forward to are: spending time near the ocean, going on outdoor adventures, making beautiful creations and walking Hummingbird Lane

Biodynamic Craniosacral Interface – March 2019 – Monica Rudestam & April Duncan Straus
Craniosacral Techniques  –  May 2017  –  Upledger Institute
Craniosacral Study  –  March 2017  –  Carol Gray
Craniosacral Study  –  October 2016  –  Carol Gray
Craniosacral Study  –  September 2016  –  Carol Gray
Craniosacral Study  –  August 2016  –  Carol Gray
Visionary Craniosacral Work  –  2016  –  Hugh Milne
Experiential Craniosacral Anatomy  –  2015  –  Ellen Mossman
Certified Channel I & II  –  2015  –  Renee Madsen
Supporting Emotional Release  –  2014  –  Carol Gray
Subtle Hands on Skills  –  2013  –  Carol Gray
Structural Integration Certification  –  2013/2014  –  Larry Kaufman
Structral Bodywork  –  2013  –  Larry Kaufman
Reiki II   –  2009  –  Terry Jordan
Reiki I  –  2008  –  Frank Coppieters
Massage Education  –  2008-2010  –  Oregon School of Massage