I see the light and good in people.
I’m committed to help others realize their full potential.  To do this, I help people overcome obstacles of physical, emotional and energetic pain/imbalances held in their body.

I hold space for both science and mystery in all my treatments.
We have a physical body, which science can tell us a lot about.  It’s also true, we have a spiritutal body, which requires room for mystery and transcending the ego.

I’m passionate about Spiritual, Energetic and Physical alignment.
I use my academic and intuitive training to identify imbalances in the body, then energetically and manually guide the body back into alignment.

Beyond this… 
I am married, have 2 children and live in Portland.  I love to dance and being playful.  I’d like to do yoga and meditation daily but admittedly, don’t.  I enjoy keeping a clean house and connecting with dear ones.  Those special moments I look forward to are: spending time near the ocean, going on outdoor adventures, making beautiful creations and walking Hummingbird Lane

I graduated for Oregon School of Massage in 2010 (license #17693)

My post-graduate studies include: structural integration, craniosacral therapy, energy healing and intuitive training