Get help holding yourself accountable to your goals and intentions!  I’m pretty excited to start offering this adjunct service to my clients.  Here’s what I know about healing and the body…it’s the work we do off the table that makes the healing lasting.  For years, I’ve seen clients come in, receive wonderful treatments and still report they are “stuck”.

Ok, I hear you!!

This is a program for clients who need a little extra kick in the pants to implement what they already know.  Sometimes it just takes being held accountable, being asked the right questions, receive the right nudges, to reach your goals.  I can be this person for you.  It’s simple, effective and all done via email.  It’s structured as a 4-week series.

You can do additional series but I ask that you commit to 4 weeks at a time.  The beginning of each week, I check-in with you and we establish your goals/intentions for the week.  I then check-in mid-week on your progress and you have a chance to communicate what your challenges are and what you are over-the-moon impressed with yourself about.

It gets deeper and richer as the weeks progress.

It’s fun and you won’t be alone!  You of course have to do the work but I help you stay accountable, excited and together we celebrate with a lot of “hell yeah’s” and I hold space for those tender times when emotions are coming up and life feels overwhelming.  Again, I feel that when clients come in to receive Alignments on the table and then go off to make the needed changes, the healing results are much greater and meaningful.

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, just holler.  At this time, I can offer this adjunct service to 2 clients per week to allow excellent focus and care from me.

The price is $250 for 4 weeks.

Love and Light,