Alignment Therapy

I’ve created my very own healing modality designed to align the physical, energetic and emotional bodies…as well as to connect you to your Spiritual Self.  We are all spirits inhabiting these awesome physical bodies.  But our bodies are dense and not always awesome to inhabit.  I’ve been shown shown both spiritually and in my bodywork studies that when the body returns to it’s structural alignment, we simply feel better.  First off, I love the body!  Bodies are incredible and so fun to work with!   With Alignment Therapy, my intention to to do just that, bring your physical body back into alignment.  To do this, I blend my training in structural integration and craniosacral therapy.  Structural Integration has taught my how to see the body; both with an internal and external eye.  Craniosacral has taught me how to feel and follow the body.  I am very much guided to blend the masculine and feminine principles in working with the body.  Just like an infinity symbol, I flow back and forth between these aspects; integrating manual and structural therapy with fluid and subtle movements and stillness.

As the body begins to shift and align, the energy in the body wakes up and is so excited to flow and to be redirected.  I love this point in session as the energy becomes electric and is so willing to participate (dance) and reinstate vitality.

This work can be difficult for me to describe.  Beyond the physical aspect, I’m working with the body’s energy channels (meridians) and energy centers (chakras).  Mostly, I’m not thinking about what I’m doing, but rather listening and following.  In this meditative and heart-expanded state, the body receives a genuine invitation to release and heal the deepest of imbalances/wounds/traumas.

Alignment Therapy is supportive for:

pain, disconnection from body/soul, mental clarity, connection/Oneness, complete integration, loss/grief, fatigue, migraines, anxiety, depression, life’s purpose/direction, and beyond…

Who I work with:

Because of the spiritual nature of this work, I see clients 16 years and older.  This work can be deeply transformative and may be too much for young children and parents to comprehend.  Also, it’s best to be alone in session and to be able to lie on table for extended length of time.  Of course, if you feel strongly that I work with your child, please do reach out to me and let’s see if it’s right.  Blessings, Jolene