Open Heart Project– Free online meditation instruction.  Sign up for the Basic Level to receive 2 e-mails weekly from Susan, each with a dharma talk and a 10 minute meditation practice.  A wonderful way to introduce yourself to meditation, or receive inspiration for your current practice.  I highly recommend it!


Prayers and Affirmations by Howard Wills
Divinely inspired healing prayers to promote consciousness, health and healing.

Favorite Spiritual Books

More Truth Will Set You Free, Derek O’Neill
“This book will bring you from doubt to proof that we are more than just what we see ourselves as.”  Derek is a master spiritual teacher and healer.

Awaken The Spirit Within, Rebecca Rosen
“…wisdom and spiritual insight, Rebecca helps us to “wake up” and start living our lives with divine intention and purpose.”  Rebecca is a spiritual medium.

The Wheel of Life, A Memoir of Living and Dying, Elisabeth Kubler Ross
Elisabeth has transformed the way I think of death and dying.  Her interviews with dying patients give truth of what’s to come after we pass over.  Elisabeth was a psychiatrist who developed a theory of the 5 stages of grieving.

Many Lives, Many Masters; The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy that Changed both Their Lives,  Brian Weiss
Changed my life too!