Hummingbird Lane

A path well beaten, yet nameless, so I began calling it ‘Hummingbird Lane’.  Now years later, friends and family have followed suit and it bares the name, yet no wooden sign (yet!), ‘Hummingbird Lane.’  She really named herself, or I just pointed out the obvious, this path is home to hummingbirds.  I tried to sound smart one day (mistake #1) and asked a birder if she had seen any of the hummingbirds.  She said “no” and ask asked what kind.  I confidently told her “Roufus” (mistake #2).  Well the next time I saw her she graciously let me know these hummingbirds are actually Broad-tailed hummingbirds.  Thank you birder, I was a fool to be over-confident, though I suppose I did point out to you that the path you were on had these magical creatures.  That must cancel out my first 2 mistakes (mistake #3).

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