Kundalini Activation

My first encounter with kundalini energy was at the beginning of 2012.  It started after a few months of a morning meditation practice.  I did not set out to activate my kundalini.  I knew very little about kundalini other than it being a yoga practice.  I was spontaneously thrown into the depth of discovering this unusual energy and no yoga mat was require.  Yoga and meditation can help to activate your kundalini, for me it was with meditation.  Once activated, it’s no longer a practice, it’s your life.

Kundalini is life-force energy that originates at the root chakra (perineum), once activated, it travels up your spine (sushumna), clearing and activating the energetic centers (chakras).  I prefer, kundalini activation vs kundalini awakening as it is less attached to ego, though kundalini awakening is more commonly use.  What I do know is that there are people who don’t know this is happening to them.  They might feels crazy or worse, scared about this surge of energy.  If this is you, please know you are not crazy and you have nothing to be afraid of.  This is a real and safe transformational process.  I’m always excited and delighted for clients who are in an activation phase.  It means soul growth is happening.  Transcending old belief systems and ushering in greater consciousness.  Transformation and transcending are good words for this process.

Here is my experience thus far:

  1.  Energy run up the spine, starting at the root chakra (perineum).
  2. Where the energy gets stuck, is the chakra working to be cleared (I am still working on clearing my throat chakra).
  3. It feels good.  Can feel orgasmic.
  4. It is semi-controllable.  If I feels safe, I let it ride.  If not, I conceal and clear it later.
  5. Once you’ve been activated, you can cause spontaneous activation in others.

I can help:

If you are in an activation phase and don’t understand it or need support, I can help.  I can see where the energy is getting blocked and help to clear and align your energy centers.  I use my intuition and training is Craniosacral Therapy, Structural Integration and Energy Healing to open up your structural and energetic channels, to best support the kundalini activation.

Here’s a good blog/site to learn more: Kundalini and Awakening